Peoria Commuter Rail Service? Part I

September 29, 2006

As a dog of some stature, I was able to sneak into the Peoria Public Library Sept. 11th, I entered as a service dog, since a “regular” dog is not allowed. I was able to sit in on the discussion of the pro-rail group and listen to the angle presented to “save” Kellar Branch from the tunnel envisioned, granola chewing trail advocates. Let me say this, the whole Rail vs. Trail issue going on in Peoria is a rather funny doggy-doo mess. Here we have a city that thinks that they know what is best and how the method of giving away a railroad is done. Van Winkle is obviously related to Rip, since he seems to not have any clue (Vanna is selling vowels) to how it is supposed to be done (abandoning a working rail line) and then the glorious Peoria Park District, which I must say is a great organization, myself I prefer the Morton Park and Bark. But back to the matter at paw, I heard it mentioned that Peoria needs a commuter line to help handle the zoo like mania of traffic coming into and leaving Peoria downtown, which made me laugh, what zoo, what traffic, sure if I was from Ellisville and didn’t know what the big city of Peoria traffic was like, but really, I have ridden with my master before and I would have to say that the comment was totally a joke. Drive from Morton to Peoria downtown in 10-15 minutes top. Also just how many middle and upper class folks ride the bus, anyone? Anyone? Well since none of you do, I figured you couldn’t answer that, let me tell you, NONE! So why would I ride a “trolley” to work? I/They won’t.

This is all a smoke screen to give the Peoria City Clowncil a new toy to play and think about. Next time I post I will bark more on this wonderfully insane idea. And get to the real reason why Peoria needs to keep the rail and skip the trail…

Cruise out…


Wolf! Wolf!

September 27, 2006

Sorry to bring such sorry news to all those liberal viewers, but I the Cruise have returned from my vacation. Yes even mutts need some time away from all this political paranoia. Some will ask but where have you been Cruise? And I will tell you, I have been running out on the Peoria, Fulton County border with a great pack of Coyotes, these dogs know how to live, and what is truly going on. So without any more rambling I will soon be posting my doggy views on what is going on, locally, state wise and nationally. Believe me on this, I see some real crap laying around on the sidewalks of Peoria as well as in the City Clowncil…


Hitler is Alive and Well

May 20, 2006

From Mark Levine:

Concerned U.S. officials and Jewish groups yesterday demanded answers from Iran after a shocking report that Tehran's radical leaders passed a Nazi-style law requiring Jews and Christians to wear identifying badges. Renowned Iranian-affairs expert Amir Taheri reports that the law, approved by Iran's parliament last week, "envisages separate dress codes for religious minorities, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians, who will have to adopt distinct color schemes to make them identifiable in public." Jews would be forced to wear yellow cloth strips – like the Star of David that Jews were made to wear in Nazi Germany – while Christians would have to wear red strips, wrote Taheri. The purpose is to protect Muslims from becoming "unclean" by accidentally shaking hands with them, he said. World leaders, human rights groups and Jewish and Christian organizations were stunned.

This Hilter wannabe is pushing his country's nuclear clock closer and closer to midnight.

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Transcript of the Presidents Speech

May 18, 2006

I have fellow mutts that got their paws on the transcript of the presidents speech from Monday.

Below are the ACTUAL words spoken by President Bush.

Good evening my fellow Americans. Tonight I come to you with an admission, an admission of my complete lack of responsibility to the American people. I have been asleep at the wheel of this great nation. I will now correct this terrible mistake. I am now aware of the greatest problem facing our nation. The illegal border crossings of our southern border. Tonight I will address and tell the American people what is now underway.

First, I have given our regular Army the assignment to invade and secure the new 51st state, Canada, we will now be able to secure and start production of our oil in the great state of Canada, sorry Texas, you are no longer one of the largest states in our great nation.

By making Canada our 51st state, we will no longer have to worry about the northern border. Also I won't have to listen to the previous Canadian government complain about our vessels in the northern waters. Enough said about Canada.

Now to the matter at hand, our southern borders.

I will be deploying the National Guard to patrol, arrest and detain any person caught trying to enter our great nation illegally. I know President Fox is going to be upset, but to him I say, GET OVER IT, you have done nothing to help your own people, you have ignored human rights and are one of the most corrupt countries. Since I have said I wanted the borders of Iraq to be secure, I knew I was a putz for not paying attention to our own borders.

The Guard will be allowed to carry their weapons, use of those neat Hummers, the Apache and other helicopters, our newest technology, the Drones and they will be allowed to engage the Mexican Federallies should any try and cross over into our great nation. These government coyotes will no longer aid the drug runners and lords, they will if seen, be treated the same way we did to Sudam, I have authorized the use of our new Federally Bomb. This bomb is similar to our Bunker Busting Bomb, only a little smaller. For every illegal alien caught crossing our border, I have decided that one card carrying ACLU member will be also rounded up and sent back across the border with them.

Next, I will make the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement department start doing their job. They will effective Tuesday morning, raid and arrest the CEO and possibly the complete Board of Directors of Tyson Meats, and Cargil, as we know they are some of the largest employers of illegal aliens. I know my buddy Ray "The Hoodlum" LaHood will be upset, but Ray, I have become a man, I recommend you do the same.

As for those already here, I know many have said you can't round them all up, but I say they just don't know the power of the IRS. The IRS will now be aiding in the rooting out and identification of all illegal immigrants. As each one is caught, they will be returned to their mother country, be it Mexico, China, Iran or any nation that they belong to, the Canadians get a pass as we now own the great 51st state of Canada.

As for our lackluster Congress and Senate, I can see that you are also to blame, you have ignored the great people of the United States and have instead decided to listen to the lobbyist and special interest groups. You are no longer allowed to stay in Washington DC, you will have to work out of the areas that elected you. When we need your vote, I will be using that new Microsoft thing that lets us do our conferences on the Internet. Also I will allow every computer geek to smack Al Gore in the nape of his neck, each time he says he invented the Internet.

So, as I stand here tonight, sorry for not listening, I want the American people to know I am truly sorry.

Goodnight, and God Bless America.


Free Speech or Rude Comments?

May 14, 2006

It seems that last week Peoria Pundit had an incident which brought about the dreaded deleting of a post. It then led to the banning of a certain bloggist and the removal of his link. Since we still live in a free and open society, one which allows the exchange of ideas and comments, can have its good points and bad. Bill Dennis of Peoria Pundit is well within his rights to decide what is allowed or disallowed on his own blog, and I respect the right that Bill has exercised. I too have had to censure and remove some postings from a person that feels lewd and rude language is the way to present a point, well really not a point, it seemed rather to engage in childish insults.

The post in question seems to have started harmless in its nature over at the Peoria Pundit, but soon disintegrated into sharp exchanges between a few of the regular posters. While it wasn't a Red vs Blue state exchange, it did involve those that think on opposite sides of the street. While I didn't see the post in question that drove Bill's ire into play, and created the possible question of libel, I do know it was the typical exchange of why one won't allow comments and others do allow comments and the suggestion of our banned blogger being a small child (which the comments themselves smell of immature actions). Since the non-comment allowing blogger is also within his right to not take comments publicly, he is also within his right to post on others blogs that do allow comments. To say since he doesn't allow commenting means he shouldn't comment on their sites, is a pretty weak argument. If we live with that ideology, then I guess unless you run a blog, you shouldn't post a comment on another's blog.

Since I do feel Bill can ban, delete or unlink from anyone he wishes, even if it was for the fact that he doesn't like their screen name, I do feel that the matter that created this incident should have been more evenly handled. All parties that decided to exchange barbs, continue the exchanges should have received the same penalty that our banned blogger received. I also hope that Bill will reconsider the ban, and let the blogger return. I rather enjoy his comments as well as the "typical liberal" posters. Diversity is what makes the whole blogging world so fun, interesting and irritating all at the same time.

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Hat Tip To Peoria Chronicle on Kellar Branch Questions

May 11, 2006

Peoria Chronicle's Chris Summers has some excellent questions as they relate to the ongoing Kellar Branch debacle.

The Journal Star has another editorial on the Kellar Branch today. I’m surprised it took them this long to write it, considering all their editorials on this issue follow the same boilerplate. Once again, it’s time to set the record straight:

Recall that Carver was the Kellar branch’s only customer, and that the city of Peoria built the company a $2 million extension so it could continue getting deliveries.

This is revisionist history. Peoria did not “buil[d] the company a $2 million extension.” The resolution which passed on May 15, 2001 stated explicitly the reason for extending the spur was “to retain long-term cost effective, direct rail service to Pioneer Industrial Park and future rail service to Growth Cell #2….” It was not just to benefit Carver Lumber, unless the council was lying about their reason for building it. (Insert cynicism here.)

It’s also worth noting that there were several other businesses on the Kellar Branch before the city started their attempt to de-rail it. So the fact that Carver is the “only” customer now is to the city’s shame. Is the Journal Star happy they’ve run these businesses out of town for the sake of a trail?

I encourage everyone to read his excellent article. Vonster also has placed some maps of the proposed trail


Spying On Our Own Citizens. Things Must Change!

May 10, 2006

I don’t know about you, but the recent revelation of notifying the Mexican government about the location of the Minutemen has to be one of the most insane events so far. Tracking down the person/people in our government that handed down this order will probably never be known. In fact I am willing to bet they will find a patsy similar to the soldiers charged in the torture episodes at Abu Grab or at Guantanamo Bay. We all know the real villains will not face the public, but instead some poor underling that was only following orders. Hopefully Darrell Issa’s letter to Michael Chertoff of the Department of Homeland Security will at the least generate some type of investigation. But oddly our liberal, mainstream media is ignoring this latest event.

Below is the letter that Congressman Issa is sending to Mr. Chertoff in regard to the passing of information about our own citizens to a foreign government. Since when did our government find the right to spy and then inform foreign powers? Of course, President Bush is mum on the whole matter.

May 9, 2006

The Honorable Michael Chertoff
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528

Dear Secretary Chertoff:

I am greatly disturbed by reports that personnel from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and possibly other branches of the Federal Government, have compiled and shared surveillance information with Mexican authorities on law abiding American citizens who legally alert the U.S. Border Patrol about smuggling and other illegal border crossings.  As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I am concerned that your department lacks Congressional authorization to conduct domestic surveillance of law abiding citizens, as has been reported, and am disturbed by the allegation that Department of Homeland Security resources and personnel have been deployed as de-facto agents of a foreign government.

American citizens have a long tradition of forming community watch programs that report illegal activity to relevant law enforcement personnel. These efforts have been proven effective and deserve the support of our government.

As you well know, corruption in the Mexican government is rampant, and links among drug cartels, smugglers, and the Mexican government are frequently uncovered.  By sharing information about the location and activities of law abiding American citizens who participate in community border watch programs, I am concerned that your department may be putting the lives and safety of these individuals at risk, as well as inadvertently aiding those who illegally attempt to cross our borders.

I strongly support community and border watch efforts to legally aid and enhance the resources of local police departments and federal agencies like the Border Patrol.  The allegation greatly disturbs me that your department would intentionally undermine the efforts of patriotic American citizens who seek to provide information to Federal agents about illegal crossings and other activities.

I request that your Department immediately suspend all activities that provide the Mexican government with inappropriate surveillance information about law abiding American citizens and provide me with a detailed account about what information has been shared with Mexican authorities about U.S. citizens who engage in legal community watch programs.


Darrell Issa
Member of Congress

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should be angry that our own government is stepping up their efforts to allow the continuing onslaught of illegal aliens, as well as the erosion of our civil liberties and rights.

Cruise Control
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